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Private Shield
Security and Protection

Private Shield stands as a formidable division of Private Eyes Investigation Firm, seamlessly combining the expertise of a trusted investigation firm with the proactive security measures needed to ensure your safety and protection.

From 24/7 security patrols to disaster response and executive protection, Private Shield provides comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs.


Diligent, vigilant, and committed — We Shield What Matters Most.

Security guard conducting a thorough lobby patrol in a commercial building.

Armed Security Officers

Ensuring Vigilance in Every Circumstance

Scene from a board meeting, representing corporate security services ensuring safety in business environments.

Corporate Security Services

On-Site Security, Risk Assessment and Response

Photo of a burned-out building, emphasizing the need for reliable disaster response services and security.

Disaster Response Services

Securing Safety in Times of Crisis

Scenic view of a seasonal vacation home, symbolizing equipment and asset protection for properties.

Equipment and Asset Protection

Securing Your Valuables, Safeguarding Your Business

Dynamic image of a concert, performers on stage and people in the audience, signifying the need for robust event security and crowd management.

Event Security

Safety Crafted for Every Occasion.

Security officer standing at attention in front of a glass wall, symbolizing executive protection and personal security.

Executive Protection & Personal Security

Comprehensive Protection for High-Profile and Endangered Individuals

An apartment building with many balconies, highlighting comprehensive security solutions for diverse properties.

Property Security

Tailored Protection for Diverse Spaces.

Image of a school building, highlighting the importance of dedicated security for educational institutions.

School Security

Security Solutions for Educational Institutions.

Security officer walking through a department store, while using a walkie-talkie, showcasing vigilant security patrols for commercial spaces.

Security Patrols

Continuous Vigilance and Unwavering Presence

Discrete black car driving down the road, representing secure transport services and confidentiality.

Transport Security

Confidential and Secure Transport Solutions

Security officer monitoring security camera feeds in front of a bank, showcasing advanced video surveillance.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Elevating Security through Watchful Eyes

Business Introduction

Ready to Shield What Matters Most?

Initiate Your Secuity Plan Today.

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